I first ventured into the blogsphere back in 2002 while researching new media and learning PHP.  Later I created a livejournal blog that I updated fairly frequently – albeit mostly snowboard trip reports that were linked to my Flickr photo stream.

At one point I got ambitious and migrated the posts to a stand-alone WP instance on a custom domain.  At some point the original livejournal posts got cleared by one of the batch utilities I was using.  Shortly after I accidentally nuked the WP database and lost *all* of that content.  Defeated I found that Friendster, MySpace and Facebook were much easier ways to send updates and initiate online interaction with friends near & far.

The social networks du jour are great for drinking from a firehose of random updates from friends, colleagues, friends of friends & occasional opt-in feed but there is so much noise.   I’ve decided to reboot my blog (with plenty of automated backups) to better capture the numerous things in my head and recent life changes.

And so it begins (again)…